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Telephone interviews, especially for a first interview, are becoming increasingly common for today’s job seeker. Telephone interviews provide an efficient and cost-effective way for an employer to screen potential candidates and evaluate whether there is good fit for the position. Likewise, job seekers can use a telephone opportunity to gage their own interest in a potential employer and position .

Be Prepared and Confident

Approach a telephone interview with the same level of preparation and seriousness as you would a face-to-face interview. Research the company, be prepared to articulate how your background, skills, education and experience make you uniquely qualified for the position and develop good questions for the interviewer. The impression you make over the telephone and the manner with which you present yourself are likely to influence whether you’ll be seriously considered for the position, and perhaps offered the opportunity for a follow-up interview.

Vaakruthi is known for performance-based culture, quality and professionalism. We drive towards “Customer Satisfaction”. Our clients expect us to create more value with agility and everything we do is about delivering on this guiding principle. We specialize in IT recruitment across the India geography. Our recruiters are trained to “think like a customer” because our goal is to get placements and not simply load with resumes. We have a well-trained team of recruiters who are from Computer Science background and also certified with technology certifications.

Responsibilities Towards His Performance:

  • He will analyze the client requirement and understand their expectations through 13 questionnaires and through prospect mail
  • He will frame keywords based on the client requirements
  • He will prepare the skill matrix for screening the candidates
  • He will source / screen the candidate resumes through job portals & other recruitment methods.
  • Negotiate with candidates, coordinate with them for interviews, extend offers negotiate compensation and facilitate the placement of candidates.
  • He will get the modified resume and skill matrix from the candidate.
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